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Ethically Traded Beans

So for some reason I had a ridiculously expensive cup of coffee on my desk, and I realized two things: 1) It was a Starbucks cup of coffee..and 2) I couldn’t resist the taste of their toffee nut coffee for some reason…perhaps its the season?

So I”m reading the cup, and it says the following “You bought 228 million pounds of responsibly grown, ethically traded coffee last year. Everything we do, you do. You stop by of a coffee. And just by doing that, you let Starbucks buy more coffee from farmers who are good to their workers, community, and planet. Starbucks bought 65% of our coffee this way last year…”

My question here is: the other 35% of your coffee…how was that procured? Bought from farmers that beat their animals and bean plants? Beat their workers? What if the farm doesn’t recycle…are they out of the running for selling their beans? I dont think we do everything Starbucks does. If that were the case I would be harvesting and perfecting a french roast…which I certainly don’t do. Do they watch adult movies?, drink beer?, despise their cat and call him Brandon just to spite him?…I’m over it.



Do bears crap in the woods?…according to Charmin toilet paper commercials, they most certainly do.