You Shouldn’t, So Why Should I??

I was thinking the other day, about things that really annoy me – specifically about living in New York City. The list is rather long, so I’ll start with this idea: the smoke of roasting chestnuts.

You shouldn’t have to breathe in second hand smoke, so why should I? As I have┬áthis thought I┬árealize that I am also hungry. Since this is the greatest city in America, I realize that I am surrounded by authorized hotdog vendors on virtually every street corner. These professional street meat chefs lure you in with the smell of weiners and saurkraut.

Mmm…I know what I’m going to get as I approach the cart, and I know exactly how much money I have in my pocket too. I tell the guy “three hot dogs to go, mustard and saurkraut”…and he starts to build my delicious dogs. As I’m standing there I begin to feel like I’m standing in a camp fire, and realize that at this very moment, the blissful grin on my face is turning to a frown because I am breathing in chestnut smoke. What the frick…why do I have to breathe in chestnut smoke? People don’t smoke in bars anymore because of smoking laws. People smoke in designated areas in the country and are segregated from the rest of the population, so why should I have to wait in a chestnutty smoke aura while I wait for my hot dog? This is ridiculous….


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